Avant Booking – International DJ Booking Agency

Avant Booking is a London-based music agency formed in 2009 that represents a roster of internationally based DJ’s and producers to a worldwide network of promoters, venues & the listening electronic music public.

Avant Bookings objective is to develop the DJ careers of our artists by enabling them to concentrate solely on making music and performing whilst providing a professional & honest service. Avant Booking believes firmly in building and above all, maintaining relationships between the booking agency, promoters and our respective DJ’s.

Primarily focused on House and Techno (and all that falls in-between) the agency continues to develop with a fast changing industry, bringing new talent to the forefront, assisting with tours, events and label showcases.

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Francis Inferno Orchestra – Boiler Room

Posted on: October 8th, 2014

TIEF_SQUARE2Francis Inferno Orchestra @ Boiler Room

via Boiler-room TV