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Avant Booking is a London-based music agency formed in 2009 that represents a roster of internationally based DJ’s and producers to a worldwide network of promoters, venues & the listening electronic music public.

Avant Bookings objective is to develop the DJ careers of our artists by enabling them to concentrate solely on making music and performing whilst providing a professional & honest service. Avant Booking believes firmly in building and above all, maintaining relationships between the booking agency, promoters and our respective DJ’s.

Primarily focused on House and Techno (and all that falls in-between) the agency continues to develop with a fast changing industry, bringing new talent to the forefront, assisting with tours, events and label showcases.

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Frits Wentink: Family Dinner EP – 6am at the Garage

Posted on: July 21st, 2014

These tracks are impeccably produced, and the attention to detail in the mixdown is extremely impressive. Coming from an upbringing of hip-hop influence (Pete Rock, Mad Lib), Wentink began his journey into the world of sound through a fascination with the art of sampling. He pays his respects to his hip-hop idols with a similar approach to the sonic spectrum, favouring some really deep, rumbling low-end paired with a dusty mid-range and sparkling bright highs.

The standouts for me are Ligament and If I Was Gravy to You. There is a certain bounce in these tracks that just glues me to the speakers.

In IIWGTY, the crunchy kick sits so low and is answered by the sucky, saturated hi-hats, all whilst being whispered to by a manipulated female voice “I like it like that baby”. The song rolls along at a steady pace, reminding me of the raw, confusing, walk home after a long night of mind manipulation. Really fucking good stuff.

Ligament begins with all of it’s raw elements there, a classically tight drum groove with nice washy ride cymbals, and a skippy wood block rhythm to spice things up. Let the keys roll on in, bring in the tambourine, now give me the bassline. Oh yeah, that bassline. That groovy bassline will creep up on you and sit with you for longer than you think you can handle, but will reward you for riding with it. The envelope begins to open on the keys and is sure to open up the floor before bringing you back into a pleasingly chilled groove, just when you thought it might all explode.

This EP is truly an incredible release that has taken me by surprise, and is definitely a must-have for any budding producers out there, no matter what genre you are into. This is a showcase of audio and the incredible things people can do with sound.

(via 6am At The Garage)